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קצת על החברה

קצת על החברה

At Mobileye, you’ll be tackling one of the biggest and most difficult problems facing the world today, developing autonomous driving systems – bringing safe, efficient mobility to everyone.

To do this, we’re developing cutting edge algorithms, advanced software and hardware, creating the best cloud computing system and much, much more.

Mobileye's offices are located in Jerusalem, our 1800 employees enjoy 2 to 3 days work from home. We run exciting, and supportive, student programs where you’ll gain valuable experience and be part of one of Israel’s greatest success stories. Students work between 2-3 days a week for a flexible work-study schedule. During exam periods we allow students to work fewer hours in order to concentrate on their studies. Outstanding students in the fields of engineering or the exact sciences are eligible for a one-year tuition scholarship.

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